Protecting Employees In Employment Disputes

Employees are vulnerable. Their finances — their ability to buy groceries, to support a family — are tied to someone else's willingness to hire them and pay them. In the United States, most workers are employed "at will." What this means is that their employers are legally allowed to fire them at any time and for any reason.

The outcome of this scenario is that many workers put up with intolerable — and unlawful — working conditions; to speak up, they fear, is to risk losing their job.

There Are Laws That Safeguard Workers Against Abuse

Jake Modla Law, PLLC, provides experienced, effective legal counsel to workers in employment disputes. Based in Charlotte and Rock Hill, we serve clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, helping workers to assert and protect their rights.

The states and federal government have enacted a number of laws to safeguard employees from undue abuse. There are statutes concerning wages, hours, sexual conduct, workplace injuries and illegal termination. Yet employers often disregard these statutes. When they do, our firm's aim is to hold them responsible.

A Comprehensive Range Of Legal Services

We offer representation to workers in an array of employment law concerns, including:

We also help employees facing layoff or termination negotiate favorable severance agreements.

We Understand Your Employer's Approach To The Law, And How To Counter It

Jake Modla has more than 25 years of experience in the field. He understands the employer's approach to legal disputes, and applies his knowledge to help employees.

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