Legal Counsel As You Enter Severance Negotiations

Every day job terminations and layoffs occur; in many situations, these terminations or layoffs come about unexpectedly — after the economy experiences a sudden downturn, for example, or when a business shifts some of its operations overseas.

For employees, it is important to be prepared for such occurrences. At first glance a severance package may seem generous, but individuals frequently agree to severance deals that turn out to be insufficient.

A Wealth Of Experience On Your Side

The offices of Jake Modla Law, PLLC, provide experienced counsel to individuals as they prepare for severance negotiations. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of employment law, Jake understands the safeguards you need in place as you take the next steps in your career.

Beware Of Restrictive Non-Compete Clauses

Many companies demand that employees sign restrictive non-compete agreements that can severely limit their options going forward. Before signing any agreement that may restrict your ability to obtain future employment and income, it is beneficial to consult with a lawyer.

Keep Control Of Your Professional Future

With offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Rock Hill, South Carolina, Jake offers knowledgeable guidance to individuals throughout the region. Arrange your appointment by calling 980-228-9984 or 803-792-4774, or by filling out Jake's online contact form.