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Employee Rights In North And South Carolina

Religious discrimination is never acceptable in the workplace

Employees must feel safe in the workplace. Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws aim to help keep employees free from actions that can make them feel unsafe or out of place. One of the statuses protected in the workplace is religion.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides very specific protections for employees based on the right to practice their religion. This law applies to all employers who have 15 or more employees.

Are you pregnant and worried you'll lose your job?

Imagine this situation. A 20-something woman gets a new job as a legal assistant at an all-male law firm. She's happy to have the work because it's at a well-paying, prestigious firm with great health benefits. But several weeks later, she gets the surprise of her life: She's pregnant.

The young woman is terrified because now she needs her new job more than ever, and she doesn't know what will happen when she tells the boss. "Will he fire me?" she worries.

Working mothers face many kinds of discrimination

As a working mother in the Charlotte area, you face many struggles day in and day out. Being a parent is never easy, and choosing to continue your career while raising children is a noble and hard path to carve. However, some of the difficulties that you face at work may not only be frustrating -- they could be illegal.

The good news is that companies across the country are beginning to take the hint that they can no longer simply sweep aside the mothers (and some fathers) they employ and expect business to keep humming along as usual. The workforce in America is realizing that many of the policies in place at companies across the country aren't only unfair, they are also in violation of workplace discrimination laws.

Disabled workers, discrimination, and wrongful termination

As a disabled individual, you have many rights in the workplace. While you may find it difficult to land a job that you enjoy, there are many positions out there that will suit your needs.

Unfortunately, there are times when a company discriminates against disabled applicants and employees.

Did you lose your job due to wrongful termination?

You may be asking yourself this question if you recently lost your job and are unsure of the reason. There are numerous laws in place to prevent the wrongful termination of North Carolina and South Carolina workers, but some employers don't always obey them.

Most employees qualify as being "at will" workers, which means that their employer can fire them at any time and without reason. However, even at-will employees have rights, and any victim of this illegal action may take steps to rectify the damage caused by an unlawful dismissal.

When Better Play Means Lesser Pay

The U.S. women's national soccer team has won four Olympic gold medals and, this month, they'll go for a fifth. They are also taking part in an even more arduous competition. Namely, since filing a wage-discrimination complaint in March, the women have been fighting to receive the same pay as their male counterparts.

It is indisputable that the women's team has enjoyed more on-the-field success. In addition to their Olympic medals, they have won three World Cup titles and seven CONCACAF Gold Cups. Generally speaking, the men's team is applauded whenever they make it as far as a tournament's quarterfinals stage. What comes as a surprise to many is that the women also generate higher profits for the U.S. Soccer Federation. In 2015, they turned a profit of $6.6 million, versus under $2 million from the men's team.

So why aren't they being paid equally? And how big is the disparity?


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