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Did you lose your job due to wrongful termination?

You may be asking yourself this question if you recently lost your job and are unsure of the reason. There are numerous laws in place to prevent the wrongful termination of North Carolina and South Carolina workers, but some employers don't always obey them.

Most employees qualify as being "at will" workers, which means that their employer can fire them at any time and without reason. However, even at-will employees have rights, and any victim of this illegal action may take steps to rectify the damage caused by an unlawful dismissal.

Were your rights violated as an at-will employee?

If you were fired unexpectedly and without cause, you may believe that there is very little you can do to keep your career on track. It is important to review the details of your situation and consider the possibility that you may have been wrongfully terminated. The following questions can help:

  • Did you recently report wrongdoing in your workplace?
  • Did you face discrimination based on gender, race or religion?
  • Did you express concerns about your personal safety while at work?
  • Did you witness a violation of federal labor laws?
  • Did you report unsafe working conditions?
  • Did you file a workers' compensation claim after a work accident?

If you answered any of the above questions in the affirmative, your termination could have been a result of your lawful actions while still employed. Retaliation or retribution are both forms of wrongful termination, and it is critical to take immediate action to protect your rights.

Appropriate action to get your life and career back on track

What you do next matters. If you believe that a wrongful termination resulted in the loss of your job, now is the time to secure legal support for the path ahead. By working with an experienced lawyer, you can not only discover the legal options available, you will have support and guidance in your fight for financial recovery.

Wrongful termination of at-will employees is illegal, but you have a right to recourse. Your employment law attorney can evaluate your situation, document and validate all of the wrongful action you have endured and advocate for your rights and interests. With help, it is possible to restore your reputation and career path, as well as secure any compensation possibly owed to you. If you were fired, react appropriately by talking with a lawyer as soon as possible.

It is possible to restore your reputation and career path, as well as secure any compensation possibly owed to you.

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