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Working mothers face many kinds of discrimination

As a working mother in the Charlotte area, you face many struggles day in and day out. Being a parent is never easy, and choosing to continue your career while raising children is a noble and hard path to carve. However, some of the difficulties that you face at work may not only be frustrating -- they could be illegal.

The good news is that companies across the country are beginning to take the hint that they can no longer simply sweep aside the mothers (and some fathers) they employ and expect business to keep humming along as usual. The workforce in America is realizing that many of the policies in place at companies across the country aren't only unfair, they are also in violation of workplace discrimination laws.

Despite the fact the workplace discrimination claims are declining in general, the number of discrimination claims by caregivers over the past 10 years is nearly three times as high as the decade prior. Not only that, but the plaintiffs won their cases in more than half of those instances -- a notably higher rate than the success rate of discrimination cases in general.

If you believe that you face discrimination in the workplace because you are a parent, you should consult with an attorney immediately to better understand nuances of the law surrounding workplace discrimination and to examine how you might pursue a fair resolution.

Don't accept poor treatment because you're a mother

Plainly speaking, the premise of punishing a mother for remaining in the workplace, or even treating her with less latitude or preference, is essentially ludicrous. Few of the human beings who sit at the top of a company of any size, male or female, did so without the care of a mother somewhere along the line.

Not to paint too broadly, but it is difficult to imagine the entirety of human history progressing to the point that it has without the love and care of committed mothers.

Discrimination against mothers is often subtle, and may take some keen attention to identify. For instance, you may work for an employer that routinely gives preferential treatment to employees who work late hours, while failing to acknowledge the similar sacrifices of a working mother who arrives at work early to so she can leave at the end of the workday.

It is also possible that your discrimination is more passive. Perhaps you see childless colleagues receive more challenging (and rewarding) assignments, while you continue to turn in excellent work. Or, maybe you note that other, less qualified candidates get special assignments or even promotions while you continue to languish without upward mobility.

It is not always easy to identify this type of discrimination, but that does not mean you shouldn't fight it.

Build a team that believes in your worth

You are a hardworking employee and a loving mother. There is no room for unfair treatment simply because you remain in the workforce while growing your family. If you believe that your employer discriminates against you because you are a mother, do not hesitate to seek professional help that values workers' rights and family.

With professional guidance from an experienced, empathetic attorney who understands employment law in the Carolinas, you can fight for fair treatment at work and the right to be the proud mother and career woman that you are.

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